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About the Baumgartner Family Office

The History of the Baumgartner Family Office

We are a truly independent multi-family office based in Zurich which covers a broad range of services. The services include wealth and estate planning, investment and legal advisory, trust and corporate services, family governance and philanthropy advisory. We also buy, sell or manage real estate for you and provide bookkeeping and reporting as well as concierge services. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not offer asset management.

Dr. Rico Baumgartner, the current CEO and Owner, has gained his experience in the field of family office services with one of the wealthiest families in Switzerland. After obtaining a law degree and the Swiss bar exam, he worked as a turn around manager in the industrial sector for several years, before moving on to insurance and banking. He established a unit for family offices, artists and athletes for a large Swiss bank and became a most valuable sparing partner for wealth owners.

Over time, it became apparent that keeping a friendly and effective family office with an eye for both, the general strategic picture and the small but important details, was a key step towards greater efficiency and synergies. As word spread, the Baumgartner Family Office grew steadily and began to take care of a wider circle of businesses and personal interests.

Today, the Baumgartner Family Office has grown to provide a full range of integrated services for wealthy clients on an international basis. With excitement and pride, we share our expertise and experience with you. As we believe in development and constant improvement we are still looking for the next challenge!

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