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Wealth Management

Reporting (incl. Consolidated Reporting) and Accounting


We provide overviews of your wealth across all asset classes worldwide, including non-bankable assets such as private equity, real estate and art as a basis for a sound investment decisions.


We also take care of the accounting on the corporate level or for your personally.


Strategic Asset Allocation


Our research bases on major indicators, such as interest rates, currencies and stock market performance. As opposed to certain other family offices or banks, we have decided to stay away from own products or short-term bonus targets. Our independent neutral advice is tailored to your very own specific needs.


Selection of Asset Managers


We have an open architecture and make unbiased “beauty contest” selections of the most suitable asset managers; we look at the performance of your portfolio and find competitive conditions with a wide range of financial institutions rather than favoring in-house funds and products.

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